Passion Restaurant & Lounge, Bahrain

Mr. A and I took our dear friend who is relocating to the US, to Passion Restaurant & Lounge (“Passion”), Block 338 in Bahrain. Initially, Mr. A wasn’t excited about trying Passion. He just thought that it will be one of those fancy restaurants with small sized portions. Men! But A forgot that, on this beautiful island, portion sizes are usually good.

Passion is located on the side of a narrow, quiet lane in Block 338. As I entered the restaurant, I fell in love. It seemed like a place that focused mostly on customers who are passionate about enjoying good food and excellent ambiance. The staff was very friendly and pleasant. We chose to dine at the roof top. The building is not very high to get a good view of the country, but you can enjoy the breeze, music and some greenery. There’s also a tuk tuk on the roof, if you want to click pictures.


We ordered:

  1. Hot & sour soup
  2. Chicken Caesars Salad
  3. Mango Smoothies
  4. Sun rice Cocktail
  5. Penne Chicken
  6. Pad Thai
  7. Rump Steak [Premium tender steak. Experience the explosion of flavors]


I have to be honest, our soups weren’t great. It was too sweet. Maybe the soup should have been named “sweet and sour soup” and not ‘hot & sour’. The Caesar’s salad was refreshing with fresh Romaine lettuce with homemade dressing, grilled chicken, Parmesan shavings, and toasted brioche. The boys seemed happy with their main course: chicken pasta and steak. I had a bite of the steak, it was amazing. Very juicy, with an explosion of spices.

I had ordered for the Pad Thai. Again, unlike other Pad Thais’, I had tasted in the past, this was SWEET.

The Cocktail and smoothies were amazing, fresh and thick.

Portion sizes were GOOD!

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