Mrs. A



You can call me Mrs. A, which is one of my many nicknames, or Tinju, which is my official name. I live in Bahrain with my husband, Abraham or Mr. A (as I fondly refer to him in my blogs). I am a self-taught cook, exploring recipes almost every other day. As a young, energetic couple, we love exploring different cuisines, recipes and look forward to hosting dinners for family and friends on weekends.

I am a lawyer, graduated from Georgetown University, DC and now, I run my own law firm. Hence, the name of the blog! Life as a lawyer can be best summarized as “Client: this is urgent, I want this yesterday“. At the end of a routine day, drowned in papers and emails, I see Lawyer’slifeinanapron as my creative playground.  It is a place for my food muse, a stage where I can present my life skills and everyday struggles. It is a place for me to record my memories- one recipe at a time! The seeds of lawyer’slifeinanapron were sown in 2015 when I started writing a personal recipe book. Blogging was an alien concept back then and I was only writing down the recipes that I cooked or loved to try. By the end of 2015, I started blogging and found it to be an amazing medium to share my culinary adventures with the world. And just like that, lawyer’slifeinanapron was born.

Recipes on lawyer’slifeinanapron try not to limit itself to any group or ethnicity, it is meant to be an exciting and adventurous journey, packed with variety. This blog is just about simple recipes, travelogues and hopefully, some life hacks.

I hope you enjoy your experience here!

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